My name is Lee Knowlton. I worked at Ultraworking as CTO for a few years. Before that, I was a teacher at Kanazawa Technical College.

Right now I’m taking some time to play with my 2yo son.

My email is You can also connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter (or Strava if you’re an athlete).


  • Teaching: My high school running coach, Chuck Sanchez
  • Work: Ultraworking, #workharder
  • Philosophy: Japanese Zen & Martial Arts (e.g., Takuan Soho, Musashi Miyamoto)
  • Programming: SICP
  • AI: The Society of Mind


  • Myers-Briggs: INTJ. Strong IN. Weak TJ.
  • PrinciplesYou Archetype: Quiet Leader (link to breakdown)
  • Kolbe-A: 8-5-3-3 (from 2018)
  • Big 5
    • Open-Mindedness: 83rd
    • Conscientiousness 98th
    • Extraversion: 48th
    • Agreeableness: 60th
    • Negative Emotionality: 25th (i.e., more positive than most)

I spent some time on Bainbridge Island. It reminded me of Japan and New Zealand.

Updated April 19th, 2024