Movement through a succession of strong and weak beats.

We’re wired for rhythm.

It excites us. We dance to it.

It calms us. We wake to it and work to it.

We intuit it, and it regulates us.

But do we respect rhythm?

Not. Nearly. Enough.

Think about a lecture that dragged. What if you fixed the beat?

What about our meetings, our conversations, our sleep, our exercise, our relationships?

They all have a resonant rhythm.

When we’re offbeat, we’re aggravated, bored, sick, tired, dissatisfied.

Bad rhythm ruins us.

So how can we improve our rhythms?

First, notice. Observe the quiet, powerful rhythms of life we often overlook. At work, at the store, at home, with colleagues, with our children, with our partners, with ourselves.

Then, choose a rhythm and carefully design it, fitting strong and weak beats together, alternating power with yielding.

Finally, test the new rhythm.

Does it resonate?

If so, thrive.

Rhythmic Sumi-e