“Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets.” — W. Edwards Deming

Preparing for an adventure

Northern Desert, Factorio Landscape

In the rugged digital scenery, a machine was placed, marking the initiation of a grand factory. Stocks and flows

The first revelation came early. Starting with the final objective aligns every move, every component seamlessly. It’s not just about assembling parts; it’s a manifestation of ambition and a clear trajectory forward.

Yet, the rhythmic hum of the machines would sometimes falter. Bottlenecks emerged organically, turning the game into an art and dance of identification and solution, ensuring the gears of progress never stopped turning.

Amid all this was the undying thirst for evolution. Continuous research and the sharpening of tools peeled back the layers, unveiling a realm of possibilities previously unknown.

The horizon of what could be achieved kept expanding.


I first heard about Factorio from Tobi Lutke, who expenses it for his team at Shopify as a means to learn about automation and leverage. Having now spent a number of hours with it, I feel that it has fundamentally shifted how I think about systems.