The Birth of the Idea

Every year as Mother’s Day approached, I found myself in the same predicament: what could I possibly gift that would encapsulate all the love and memories shared with my mom?

This recurring challenge (and a realization that I was once again waiting until the last minute) paved the way for An Idea for Mother's Day, an AI-powered tool that transformed my personal dilemma into a fun solution.

The concept was born out of personal necessity. Like many, I wanted my gifts to resonate with personal experiences and shared memories. But how could I ensure that each gift was as unique as the memory it represented? The answer lay in combining technology with sentiment.

Teamwork and Technology

Even after the idea became clear, bringing it to life required a blend of skills.

Initial visual design was handled by Andi Bañez, who took on the challenge of creating a tone and selecting a color scheme and typography (Andi also handled the asset creation for our Product Hunt launch). For backend & AI, Saad Zafar lent his wizardry to help me set up an AI system langchain and Modal. Sebastian Marshall and Xavier Dunikowski helped with testing, product refinment, and launching on Product Hunt. The site itself was built on Sveltekit and deployed via Vercel.


User Input: Users would reminisce and input some of their fondest memories with their mothers.

AI Analysis & Gift Generation: The AI would sift through these memories, making personalized gift suggestions.

Sparks of AI-Augmented Humanity

“An Idea for Mother’s Day” was made to be more than just a product, but a testament to how AI can be harnessed to help bring out the best of humanity. It not only made gift-giving easier but also more meaningful, ensuring that every suggestion was rooted in cherished memories.